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Moby Trails

Welcome to Moby Trails, and the adventures of Moby.

M.O.B.Y. - Mobile Operations Business Yacht.

Moby is the name of my van, and I purchased this van to more easily carry my wares to various craft shows.  Not wanting to load and unload all the miscellaneous gear needed for vendor and craft shows, like tents, tables, equipment and items for sale, I decided to get a larger vehicle to permanently store some of these items.  I also wanted the option to be able to sleep in the vehicle if necessary during overnight and weekend events.  A camper of sorts although it wasn't suppose to be a full blown van-living camper to take to shows.  It's just a work van I can camp in if needed.  I also realize it's not a yacht... It's a road yacht... and yacht is the only word I could find that started with the letter 'Y' to fit the acronym.  The word 'Business' can also be substituted with 'Bugout'.


Suddenly craft shows aren't as much fun anymore.       

So... I decided to start doing some conversions for van-living after all.  Small additions at first.  Simple, inexpensive, and things I could make in my shop.  As time goes on, I keep finding other things to make and upgrade.  I keep finding extra things to acquire and store.  

I keep finding new skills to learn and more things to prepare for.  Check out my videos and follow along with the adventure.

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