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Handmade Acrylic Key Ring and Key Hook - Fridge Magnet


Handmade solid wood hanging plaque with a small 'Island For Sale' picture carved into it. This custom plaque is designed, cut, shaped, routed, and sanded by hand. Then stained a soft cherry and poly coated. The carvings are CNC engraved with holes on the back to house powerful rare earth magnets, perfect for the fridge, wall locker, toolbox, or anywhere metal. There is also a keyhole route to hang this from a wall or other area that isn't metal. The small cup hook on the front is also perfect to hang that spare car key, or cabin key, or boat key, or gate key, etc...

The detachable key ring has a chrome finish and the highly polished acrylic is custom mixed, poured, cast, shaped, polished, and assembled all by hand.


Free Bonus: Also included is a small sturdy all steel EDC, (every day carry), multi-tool with bottle opener, various sized flathead screw drivers, pry bar and scraper, and wrench holes. Perfect to carry on your keychain, keep in your car or toolbox, or conveniently hang from this key hook.


Custom engraving and special orders are available upon request.

If you would like a different picture, word, or name, please use the Contact Us Page with any questions or custom request details.  Confirmed special orders are usually available within 2-3 weeks.

Unfinished plaques turn around time is generally faster.

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Key Ring and Key Hook

    • Handmade Solid Wood Plaque
    • Handmade Acrylic Key Ring
    • Detachable with Chrome Finish
    • Keyhole Route and Rare Earth Magnets
    • Brass Cup Hook

    Custom orders available.


    Free shippig to Domestic US.


    Made In USA.

  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!


    Please read our FAQ's or Contact Us for more info.

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